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Your Health Managed in the Palm of your Hand

Personalized continuum of care driven by intelligence discovered using AI from standards of care prescribed by medical bodies and research and personalized to the user.

  • Easily organize all your health information in one secure place
  • Set pill-reminders for all your medicines, their timings, dosages, instructions and possible side-effects when taken with other medicines and food.
  • Manage conditions such as Diabetes Type 1 and 2, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety and over 100 more.
  • Track your health by keeping notes of adverse-effects, lifestyle changes, change in dosages and share reports with your Doctor straight from the app.
  • Manage the health and medications of your loved ones
  • Syncs with Apple Health

Who We Are

We are a digital health assistant company on a social mission to helping consumers become more engaged in their health. Using AI and machine learning, we enable consumers to be better educated and self-driven in managing their health – leveraging proper use of medications, adhering to condition protocols, tracking health metrics and complying with the right and timely provider follow-ups.

Most of us could use help in managing our health – whether we have been discharged from a hospital, diagnosed with a condition, taking multiple medications, living with certain conditions. or just going for a routine physical after many years. That’s where we come in. Helping you be better educated and engaged in your health.

KnowYourMeds App Features

Drug Interactions

Pill Reminders

Profile-based Adverse Effects

Drug Related Warnings

Overall Health at a Click

Compare and Choose Drugs

Track Health of Loved Ones

Condition Management

Adverse Event Health Log

Learn about KYM’s Digital Health Assistant

Keep track of your medications and chronic conditions and never miss a dose, a lab test, or a doctor’s appointment with the KnowYourMeds App.

An easy-to-use app that tracks your health, guides you in managing your chronic conditions, reminds you to take your medication on time; keeps you aware of their possible side-effects/counter interactions of your medicines and educates about the latest information in medicine and health care.

With an exhaustive database of medicines, latest research on current trends in health care, 116 workflows for chronic conditions, and curated information on the side effects/ drug interactions, KnowYourMeds is an all-in-one digital assistant for your health.

Download the KnowYourMeds App today to start monitoring the health of you and your loved ones and guiding you in your journey to a healthier life.

This is the only app I’ve found that works well as an alarm and a medication tracker. I used to have a lot of trouble staying on a schedule and remembering to take my meds, but I’ve been taking all of my medications on time every day for the past twomonths. Plus, the app offers information about each medication I take, including warnings about potential interactions with certain medications or foods. There are so many more features of the app I have yet to try out but I already love this app.