How We Serve


Engaging employees in managing their health

Delivering meaningful interventions that enhance an employer’s ability to manage health care costs

  • Provide reliable medication and condition information
  • Increase drug adherence
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Go from medication adherence to condition management
  • Monitor health vitals, labs and care instructions & follow-ups
  • Promote digital access to healthcare
  • Deliver meaningful personalized education

Problem – High Cost of Chronic Conditions

High prevalence

125 million American adults are living with 1 or more chronic conditions 1


Poor practices

55% miss doses, take wrong doses or drop off treatment in the first year 2

System cost

$25,000 average cost per person, per year spent on chronic condition management 3

Problem – High Cost of Poor Medication Usage


High usage

44% percent of all Americans take at least 1 prescription medication, and 17% take 3 or more medications. 4


Poor practices

80% do not read labels provided with their drug prescriptions 5


System cost

An estimated 27% of an approximate 1.3 million ER visits for adverse drug events result in hospitalization. 6

Solutions We Offer

One platform for managing meds, conditions and health

Medication Management
Manage My Meds
  • Med information/education
  • Drug interaction warnings
  • Take reminders
  • Adherence monitoring/sharing
  • Provider communications
Condition Management
Manage My Conditions
  • Condition information/education
  • Vitals/measures tracking
  • Lab test monitoring
  • Learnings from others
  • Provider follow-up management
Health Management
Manage My health
  • Health information/education
  • Nutritional supplements learning
  • Healthy lifestyle management
  • Smart health devices integration
  • Digital health enabled daily living

Simple and Engaging User Interface

What Insights
Can Your
Company Gain?

Understand employee engagement…and target the right interventions

Improved Behavior Reduces Total Spend

Total cost of care

2x more likely for non-adherent diabetes patients vs adherent patients 7

Hospitalization risk

1.8x more likely for non-adherent hypertension patients vs adherent patients 8

Net savings

$8,000 savings for CHF patients who became adherent 9 

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“This is the most simple, effective digital health platform that I’ve ever seen in my 29 year career. Their powerful AI & Machine Intelligence technology improves patient outcomes through adherence, key metrics and decreasing medical errors/mistakes, which in turn decreased Plan Sponsor claims, while simultaneously improving the quality of care for patients.”

– Senior VP at a Benefits Consulting Firm

1 Source: Rand Corporation study 2017

7 Source: The National Council for Behavioral Health, 2018

2 3 Source : KYM Analysis based on Sony 2020 survey

8 Sources: Sokol et al; IQVIA/ Walgreens 2016 study

4 5 6 Source: CVS Survey

9 Source: The National Council for Behavioral Health, 2018